Pilbot’s Revenge | Big Band


Featuring solo sections for trombone, saxes and trumpet and an open improvisation section for the full band, this is an exciting composition in funk, latin and swing styles.



Pilbot’s Revenge | Big Band

Pilbot’s Revenge is written for Big Band, with solo sections for trombone, saxes and trumpet. Each horn section is featured at times during the piece and there is an open improvisation section for the full band.

The theme is centred around a 9 note motive and is set over a diminished 7th chord progression. Starting off in a funk style, driven by the bass, the piece moves into a half-time feel featuring a wailing alto sax and saxophone section feature, moving into an energetic samba that descends into chaos, before a driving swing style finishes the piece off.

Originally composed for the Kool Skools album competition during my time at Blackburn High School, this piece was given new life and three more movements during a recording project by the Blackburn Big Band, made up of alumni of the HS. A shout out to Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire, The Bamboos) for his initial “joke” naming of the piece!

The recording is from that session and features solos on trombone, alto sax, tenor sax and trumpet.


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