Super Bone

Super Bone is a trombone quartet based in the UK, consisting of 4 trombones, and rhythm section or backing tracks. Playing a wide range of styles, we are available for shows in jazz clubs, festivals, functions and venues. We can tailor our package to suit your needs, whether you’d like dancing tunes, chilled out sets or a night of jazz improvisation.

Our first demo from 2013

Born out of a desire to take the trombone quartet into new directions, the repertoire consists of new arrangements of jazz trombone classics from such artists as J.J. Johnson and Bill Watrous, and covers of popular funk, soul, reggae, ska and pop tunes. The pioneering bebop playing of J.J. Johnson has inspired the quartet to play a number of harmonised J.J. solo’s, in the style of the great Super Sax and we’re always looking for new opportunities to pay tribute to great trombone players with our arrangements.

After a hiatus of a number of years, we are again looking for more opportunities to play our unique brand of music in new venues. Alongside this, we plan on releasing a few recordings this year, specifically paying tribute to great artists that have recently passed away. So keep in touch with us on our Facebook page SuperBoneQuartet.

Contact us to book this exciting ensemble for your event. You are guaranteed a show of high quality music that will entertain your audience.