Brass Band Vocal Solos

Recently on a popular Facebook brass band group, there was a request for any Vocal Solos with Brass Band that were available. It just so happens that in the past I’ve written quite a few of these, and they were buried deep down on my list of charts to put up on Sheet Music Press. So I decided to prioritise them and get them up ready for you to buy!

The trick with accompanying a vocalist with a brass band is that the band will always outblow the vocals, even with a microphone. Both bands I have worked with in the past that utilised a vocalist also had talented piano players, so this helped in not overwhelming the vocals.

Of course, with these arrangements having been done for a female vocalist, I had to also include an optional Bb or Eb Solo part. This way you can perform these with or without a vocalist, and also without piano as I’ve cued the relevant parts into the brass. And of course, it made it easier for me to produce the score videos, with yours truly as guest soloist on trombone. I loved the challenge of recording these charts!

I wouldn’t have even been able to write these arrangements if it were not for the innovative nature of the brass bands I’ve been involved with. A big shout out to Tredegar Town Band (Ian Porthouse) and the Melbourne Staff Band (Ken Waterworth) for commissioning these charts in the first place.

All of these arrangements have been done for top bands, so the parts are not easy and you may find it out of your bands capabilities. If so, please contact me and I will find the time to produce some easier versions for use with your band.

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