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As a trombonist and arranger, I’ve been playing in horn sections for cover and original bands for my whole career. This usually eventuates in me writing heaps of arrangements for this very flexible and powerful instrumentation.

Most of the bands have used a 3 piece horn section: trumpet, tenor sax and trombone. You’d always love to add a bari sax to that combo to give it some grunt, and allow the trombone to soar a bit higher, but this 3 piece combo really does most soul, funk and pop covers well, without compromise. I’ve found that I use the trombone more as a lower part, as you can cover the bari sax lines better than the tenor, even though it’s a different sound.

Anyway, we’re not here just to listen to me drivel on about this (or are we?); the purpose of this post is to tell you about the horn charts I’ve put up on Sheet Music Plus. The most recent ones are from a band I’ve put together a horn section for, The Flotonics. We’ve got our first gig together on Friday, and I’m super pumped because these guys really know how to do Motown and Soul.

I’ll be adding more horn charts soon, as I have quite a big library. Check back later, or follow me on Facebook to catch all the updates.

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  1. Signed up as a subscriber hoping to find a 3 horn chart for “Rubberband Man” by the Spinners for a wedding on 9/10/2021.
    Isn’t that just like a bride(zilla) to request a song the night before her wedding even though we’ve never played it before.
    Perhaps there are other horn charts we can play in the future. I personally like “Living for the City” Thanks.
    BTW – “Isn’t She Lovely” is the Father/Daughter dance tomorrow.

    • Typical wedding request, for a song I’ve never heard of! I have a lot more horn charts to put up, so keep checking back. I also do charts on commission, so feel free to email me if you’d like that.

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