Updates to Brass Ensembles

I’ve been busy redoing the 10 piece Brass Ensemble pieces I have available at Sheet Music Plus because I found that whilst the instrumentation I chose worked for some bands, others were having to transpose parts for their Soprano Cornet and Bb Bass, as well as not having a Trombone player who reads bass clef. So now it works for every instrument in the band!

The available parts are as below, with the intended instrument in bold:
1 Bb Cornet; 1 Eb Cornet
2 Bb Cornet
3 Bb Cornet
4 Bb Cornet; 4 Eb Horn; 4 F Horn
5 Eb Horn; 5 Bb Cornet; 5 F Horn
6 Baritone TC; 6 Trombone BC
7 Baritone TC; 7 Trombone BC
8 Trombone BC; 8 Baritone TC
9 Euphonium TC; 9 Euphonium BC
10 Tuba BC; 10 Eb Bass; 10 Bb Bass

Whilst this is great, I suggest you buy my full brass band arrangements if you are using every instrument, as the extra parts are simply a transposition and are not ideal for those instruments.

If you have purchased a 10 piece brass arrangement off me, you can download an updated version on Sheet Music Plus. If you have any other issues with the arrangements, please contact me.

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