Brass Band Vocal Solos

Recently on a popular Facebook brass band group, there was a request for any Vocal Solos with Brass Band that were available. It just so happens that in the past I’ve written quite a few of these, and they were buried deep down on my list of charts to put up on Sheet Music Press. So I decided to prioritise them and get them up ready for you to buy!

The trick with accompanying a vocalist with a brass band is that the band will always outblow the vocals, even with a microphone. Both bands I have worked with in the past that utilised a vocalist also had talented piano players, so this helped in not overwhelming the vocals.

Of course, with these arrangements having been done for a female vocalist, I had to also include an optional Bb or Eb Solo part. This way you can perform these with or without a vocalist, and also without piano as I’ve cued the relevant parts into the brass. And of course, it made it easier for me to produce the score videos, with yours truly as guest soloist on trombone. I loved the challenge of recording these charts!

I wouldn’t have even been able to write these arrangements if it were not for the innovative nature of the brass bands I’ve been involved with. A big shout out to Tredegar Town Band (Ian Porthouse) and the Melbourne Staff Band (Ken Waterworth) for commissioning these charts in the first place.

All of these arrangements have been done for top bands, so the parts are not easy and you may find it out of your bands capabilities. If so, please contact me and I will find the time to produce some easier versions for use with your band.

Updates to Brass Ensembles

I’ve been busy redoing the 10 piece Brass Ensemble pieces I have available at Sheet Music Plus because I found that whilst the instrumentation I chose worked for some bands, others were having to transpose parts for their Soprano Cornet and Bb Bass, as well as not having a Trombone player who reads bass clef. So now it works for every instrument in the band!

The available parts are as below, with the intended instrument in bold:
1 Bb Cornet; 1 Eb Cornet
2 Bb Cornet
3 Bb Cornet
4 Bb Cornet; 4 Eb Horn; 4 F Horn
5 Eb Horn; 5 Bb Cornet; 5 F Horn
6 Baritone TC; 6 Trombone BC
7 Baritone TC; 7 Trombone BC
8 Trombone BC; 8 Baritone TC
9 Euphonium TC; 9 Euphonium BC
10 Tuba BC; 10 Eb Bass; 10 Bb Bass

Whilst this is great, I suggest you buy my full brass band arrangements if you are using every instrument, as the extra parts are simply a transposition and are not ideal for those instruments.

If you have purchased a 10 piece brass arrangement off me, you can download an updated version on Sheet Music Plus. If you have any other issues with the arrangements, please contact me.

A Night Like This button

A Night Like This | Caro Emerald | Brass Band

From the popular Dutch jazz singer comes a catchy tune you won’t get out of your heads once you start playing it. Written for Tredegar Town Band for their performance at the Dutch Nationals in 2015, this arrangement features a solo for trombone, but can be played by any soloist in the band.

Check out the music video if you’re not familiar with the song. I love the use of sax in the original recording, plus it has such a cool vintage vibe about the whole thing.

The arrangement follows the original track for a couple of verses, but then breaks into a samba feel to give it some interest. Featuring two mallet percussion parts plus drum kit and aux percussion, this arrangement will certainly bring some sparkle to your concerts.

Close To You

Close To You | Burt Bacharach | Brass Ensemble

Written for Tredegar Town Band for their 2014 Brass In Concert program, this arrangement used the mellow tones of 6 flugelhorns with 6 trombones along with tuned percussion. It aims to capture the essence of an amazing performance of the tune by Burt Bacharach and Barbara Streisand on a Emmy award winning TV special entitled “Singer Presents Burt Bacharach

Ian Porthouse, MD for Tredegar, provided the idea for the arrangement, including a transition into their next piece With A Little Help From My Friends. This version is the one with a complete ending, as played by the band at a pre-contest performance. The arrangement calls for a talented Vibraphone player, along with a solid Bass Trombonist and a soloistic 1st Flugel. The latin vibed ending can use more percussion if you wish, although a light feel is preferred.

For those bands that don’t have access to 6 flugelhorns and 6 trombones, I’ve also reorchestrated it for the more standard 10 piece Brass Ensemble. There are small differences between the two versions, with 2 less instruments but the structure stays the same. The Vibraphone part is also cued in the brass, to make this version playable in all situations.

Close To You

Unfortunately, the arrangement didn’t make it onto the Brass In Concert DVD that year, so I only have a low quality recording of it. If your band buys this piece, I’d love to hear how your version sounds! Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to let me know.

Here’s a score video so you can listen and follow along.

This is me brass band arrangement

This Is Me | The Greatest Showman


When I saw The Greatest Showman at the cinemas, I knew it was a special movie that would pass the test of time due to its message and strong music. The Grammy award-winning song This Is Me speaks of self-acceptance and triumph under adversity, and also has a kick ass beat with stirring vocals. This makes it the perfect song to arrange for Brass Band!


This arrangement features extended percussion techniques to capture the original orchestration on the original soundtrack and will be a sure fire hit in any program. Scored for full brass band at an intermediate level and available over at


If you haven’t seen this live performance of This Is Me, check it out. It’s such a powerful video.


With music by the award winning Pasek and Paul, The Greatest Showman is a movie musical based on the life of P.T. Barnum. It is a story of overcoming adversity, rising above social classes and the establishment of an entertainment visionary. Brilliantly played by Keala Settle, the bearded lady gives us an emotional rendition of This Is Me, with lyrics such as “I won’t let them break me down to dust” and “I am who I’m meant to be”, speaking of the struggle to be accepted in society.


Featuring two solos by the flugelhorn, a cornet and trombone duet, extended percussion such as field drum and techniques for capturing the woosh sound in the original recording, this arrangement is a direct transcription of the track on the original soundtrack.

I’ve whipped up a sample so you can listen to my arrangement.

If you are after a simpler arrangement, I’ve scored a 10 piece Brass Ensemble version as well here:

This is me brass band arrangement

The Tupou College Brass Band also recorded my version!


Beautifully laid out, the score and parts are easy to read and available NOW for digital download at, thanks to the Arrange Me program at SMP Press. We suggest you print on 80gsm paper, to ensure that the copies last longer in your bands library.

Happy Brass Band

Happy | Pharrell Williams | Brass Band

Happy | Pharrell Williams | Brass Band

I’m happy to tell you that I’ve arranged Happy by Pharrell Williams, a smash hit from the movie Despicable Me 2. This exciting arrangement is the perfect addition to any concert. Featuring a trombone solo, cornet solo and a challenging counter melody by the solo cornets and euphonium, your audiences will have their feet tapping and hands clapping along to this great tune.

Don’t just ask me how it is, ask Matthew White (Solo Euphonium, Virtuosi GUS) “It’s literally the best brass band arrangement of anything… ever!!!”

Graded as advanced intermediate, this arrangement can be played at an easier difficulty by leaving the counter melody out. It is available to buy now, for full Brass Band

and a 10 piece Brass Ensemble.

Happy Brass Ensemble


If you’ve never heard this song before, what rock have you been living under? With a catchy beat, funky tune and awesome break down section, Happy has brought the soul genre back and topped the charts around the world, whilst winning numerous awards. Initially written for Cee-Lo Green, and following on Pharrell’s success with the Daft Punk album Random Access Memories as guest artist, Happy is the eighth highest selling single of all-time in the UK and was Billboard’s number 1 single for 2014.


My Brass Band pieces are mostly aimed at advanced bands who would like to entertain their audiences with a more true-to-original arrangement that is also enjoyable for the musicians. Often the arrangements that are published are inaccurate transcriptions that are written very quickly, to capitalise on the success of the original song. But with my arrangements, you can be certain that the feel and detail of the song you love is captured, and put down on paper for you to perform.


Beautifully laid out, the score and parts are easy to read and available NOW for digital download at, thanks to the Arrange Me program at SMP Press. We suggest you print on 80gsm paper, to ensure that the copies last longer in your bands library.