Close To You

Close To You | Burt Bacharach | Brass Ensemble

Written for Tredegar Town Band for their 2014 Brass In Concert program, this arrangement used the mellow tones of 6 flugelhorns with 6 trombones along with tuned percussion. It aims to capture the essence of an amazing performance of the tune by Burt Bacharach and Barbara Streisand on a Emmy award winning TV special entitled “Singer Presents Burt Bacharach

Ian Porthouse, MD for Tredegar, provided the idea for the arrangement, including a transition into their next piece With A Little Help From My Friends. This version is the one with a complete ending, as played by the band at a pre-contest performance. The arrangement calls for a talented Vibraphone player, along with a solid Bass Trombonist and a soloistic 1st Flugel. The latin vibed ending can use more percussion if you wish, although a light feel is preferred.

For those bands that don’t have access to 6 flugelhorns and 6 trombones, I’ve also reorchestrated it for the more standard 10 piece Brass Ensemble. There are small differences between the two versions, with 2 less instruments but the structure stays the same. The Vibraphone part is also cued in the brass, to make this version playable in all situations.

Close To You

Unfortunately, the arrangement didn’t make it onto the Brass In Concert DVD that year, so I only have a low quality recording of it. If your band buys this piece, I’d love to hear how your version sounds! Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to let me know.

Here’s a score video so you can listen and follow along.

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