The Acrobat | Trombone Quintet with Rhythm


An old classic solo called The Acrobat written for five trombones with rhythm section, first performed in Melbourne at Bones, a cancer fundraiser

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In 2017, a challenge was issued to trombonists around the world to play an old classic solo called The Acrobat, to help raise funds and awareness for Stephen Sykes, who had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. As part of a cancer research fundraiser called Bones in Melbourne, Australia, this arrangement was performed by 10 trombonists with rhythm section.

The arrangement takes certain liberties with the tune, and whilst it is a short piece, you could open it up for solos if you wished. It is in a swing style with a funk bridge and has a big ending with drum fills.

You can read more about the Acrobat Challenge on the British Trombone Society website


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