Heavenly Father SATB

Heavenly Father | Bon Iver | Choir

Heavenly Father | Bon Iver | Choir

The Arrangement

Recently, I was asked to write an arrangement for choir of the fantastic track Heavenly Father by Bon Iver. The performance he gave at the Sydney Opera House in 2016 as part of Vivid Live, featuring The Staves, was so breathtaking that I immediately agreed to transcribe and arrange the song.

An earthy arrangement that features a soloist and some extra special choral effects, this tune is full of emotions and reaches an amazing climax that will wow your audience. Featured in the movie Wish I Was Here by acclaimed director Zach Braff and scored for SATB Choir and soloist.

The Purchase

The arrangement is available at Sheet Music Plus at the below link. If there’s one piece of music you purchase for choir this year, make it this one!

Live performance

The performance Bon Iver delivered at the Sydney Opera House really took this song to a new level, giving it such emotion and power that takes your breath away. Utilising subtle body percussion and some exquisite voices, this video is a must watch if you wish to recreate the song at the highest level.

Original recording

The original track that Bon Iver recorded on the Wish I Was Here soundtrack uses an electronic choir for the drone, but Justin Vernon’s earthy voice remains the same – such an emotive tone and inflections. The song was written immediately after Justin viewed the film, an immediate reaction to the visuals of director Zach Braff. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival and received mixed reviews – but the soundtrack was critically acclaimed with songs from The Shins and Coldplay.

Printing tips

Beautifully laid out, the score and parts are easy to read and available NOW for digital download at www.sheetmusicplus.com, thanks to the Arrange Me program at SMP Press. We suggest you print on 80gsm paper, to ensure that the copies last longer in your choirs library. For more printing tips, visit here

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