Should I Stay Jazz Ens

Should I Stay Or Should I Go | The Clash | Jazz Ensemble

Should I Stay Or Should I Go | The Clash | Jazz Ensemble


Written specifically for Swing Punks, the amazing London big band who play punk tunes in a jazz style, this vocal arrangement has all the bells and whistles. Starting in a bluesy swing style, see if you can pick up all the quotes as you progress through the chart. When it kicks into double time, it’ll get your audiences toes tapping just enough for you to snap them back to a languid blues atmosphere. With an open solo section this chart comes alive, allowing for soloists to take the tune where they want to. Double time ensues after that, with a big ending to finish this cracking chart.


Released in 1981, Should I Stay became The Clash’s only UK number 1 single, albeit 10 years after in a reissued single. It made 228 in Rolling Stones Top 500 and features Spanish backing vocals, in a strange twist.


Swing Punks ( are an exciting big band based in London, UK who take the best punk music and turn it into swinging big band music. Featuring 3 vocalists and a full complement of horns, their shows are full of energy and pizzazz. I’ve been lucky enough to play with them a few times since moving closer to London, and I always enjoy mixing it up with such great musicians.


Beautifully laid out, the score and parts are easy to read and available NOW for digital download at, thanks to the Arrange Me program at SMP Press. We suggest you print on 80gsm paper, to ensure that the copies last longer in your bands library. For more printing tips, visit here

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