Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) | Jesus Christ Superstar | Brass Band


The haunting but emotionally charged Gethesemane (I Only Want To Say) showcased in this arrangement for brass band.



From Jesus Christ Superstar, the rock opera that redefined musical theatre, comes the haunting but emotionally charged Gethesemane (I Only Want To Say). Performed by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, it comes at a time where he is questioning his role as the Son of God, asking why he must die! It is an incredible piece of music that really brings a simple motive to life, and is showcased in this arrangement for brass band.

Written originally for Ringwood Salvation Army Band, and later adapted for the Melbourne Staff Band, this version is an updated score for British Brass Band. With a cornet solo, trombone quartet section and counter-melodies to die for, the full band will enjoy this arrangement that asks for the full gamut of playing, from delicate to expressive and majestic. There are constant tempo changes, from half-time to double-time, into a intense 5/8 section and finally to the full theme and majestic ending. To get the full impact of the piece, an extended percussion section of four is needed, but it is also capable of working with just one drummer.

Beautifully laid out in A4 size, the score and parts are easy to read and available NOW for digital download. We suggest you print on 80gsm paper, to ensure that the copies last longer in your bands library. If you’re printing on letter size paper, please fit to page when sending to the printer.


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