I’ll Fight | Nathan Rowe | Brass Band


A funky arrangement of the unofficial Salvation Army anthem for the Australia Southern Territory for brass band.



I’ll Fight | Nathan Rowe | Brass Band

Nathan Rowe’s song I’ll Fight has become somewhat of an anthem across the Australia Southern Territory. Nathan uses the Founder’s last speech as a basis for his song, which so powerfully reminds us of our mission. Young Melbourne Salvationist, Michael Pilley has skillfully arranged this for band, maintaining the rhythmic feel, which is prevalent in many of our contemporary worship songs.

Achieving an authentic style with the appropriate rhythmic feel will be the challenge for bands. Stylistically this music should be played in a connected line. Not always legato but very much connected, with articulation appropriate to the music.

Bandmasters and players are encouraged to be committed to the use of subdivision. In order to accurately negotiate the rhythmic patterns of both the melodic and accompaniment lines, counting [and particularly feeling] the patterns will be critical. This music needs to be ‘felt’ but without an understanding [and adequate rehearsal] of the rhythmic patterns the correct feel will not be achieved.


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